“Platia” is a beautiful Greek traditional restaurant placed in the picturesque village of Galini, just 10 minutes’ drive from Naxos town. The restaurant offers an unforgettable experience of tasteful dishes made with love and care by Mrs. Paraskevi and her family.

The intention of the family is to spread the word about Naxos’ traditional cuisine and that’s why they only prefer local fresh ingredients. Note that most of them, especially vegetables and fruit, come from their own nearby farm and combined in such a way that become real works of art. As for the drinks, the local wine and raki offered are made of Mr. Dimitris’ vineyards (Mrs. Paraskevi’s husband). All these facts, make “Platia” a fixed value for local residents and a “must” for summer tourists.

However, “Platia” can also become your unforgettable place in Naxos, because there you can have the opportunity to experience the process of preparing your own authentic Greek meal, by cooking it together with the owners and staff.

The cooking classes actually begin with collecting altogether vegetable ingredients such as zucchinis, tomatoes, lemons, eggplants, oranges and figs from family’s farm. Then in the courtyard of the restaurant, cooking classes are held with Mrs. Paraskevi sharing her cooking secrets with the participants. “We could not have asked for a better way to spend an afternoon than with such a kind and hospitable family. It is so cool to learn how to make Greek specialties” is the opinion of a customer for the warm environment he experienced during a cooking class at “Platia”.

Moreover, you should not miss out “Platia” for its friendly and welcoming place in the beautiful landscape of Galini, if you want to have an experience of an inland Naxian village that is surrounded by orchards, vines and farms full of trees.

Finally, “Platia” is a member of Consume-Less group from spring 2018, as they want to inform island’s visitors about local products and tradition and teach them to value and respect them.

Find out more info on “Platia” at their official webpage http://www.platianaxos.com/  or at their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/platiagalininaxos/ or contact them through email at info@platianaxos.com .

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