Are you in charge of planning or managing the public services
of a tourist destination?

Improve the sustainability of your territory. Join our project and the Mediterranean ConsumelessMed network.
Many cities in the MED area are interested in getting higher numbers of tourists.
While it creates great economic and employment opportunities, it also brings some negative side-effects.
The Consume-less partnership has faced this problem by developing a clear model for sustainable tourism.
We’ve based our model on the unique traits of the territories chosen as ConsumelessMed locations.
We’ve also enhanced the model through an innovative communication and territory-based marketing campaign.

The Consume-less tourism model is based on the following steps:

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The Consume-less approach, that aims at improving a more sustainable tourism in a territory, requires a clear commitment to implement a shared project, that is able to involve either the public sector and private stakeholders.

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The Consume-less Committee, the operational body, is in charge of managing this shared project. It is formed by members of the public administration and local key actors representing tourist and environmental sectors, signing a commitment to work together

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A ConsumelessMed label is created in order to identify the local tourist facilities committing themselves to increase their environmental sustainability and to raise the awareness of their customers: SAVE WATER, REDUCE WASTE, SAVE ENERGY, RESPECT NATURE

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All these actions contribute to define a Consume-less tourist destination that need to be promoted through a local advertising campaign that shows tourists how to enjoy the natural and cultural heritage, and the local products, in a sustainable way.

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Furthermore, demonstrative measures aimed at reducing water and energy consumption or waste production, that have a high visibility for tourists should be developed

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The communication campaign is implemented through:
– the tools designed by the Consume-less project to support the production of gadgets, posters and brochures;
– the making of short videos and interviews to local testimonials;
– the organization of atypical events involving and increasing the awareness of tourists.

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The territory, enjoying the Consume-less network, increases its capacities to promote itself as a sustainable tourist destination, not only at the local level, but also nationally and globally.