Are you in charge of planning or managing the public services of a tourist destination?

Improve the sustainability of your territory. Join our project and the Mediterranean ConsumelessMed network.

Most of the coastal cities in the MED area are interested in getting higher numbers of tourists. While it creates great economic and employment opportunities, it also brings some negative side-effects.

The Consume-less partnership has faced this problem by developing a clear model for sustainable tourism.

We’ve based our model on the unique traits of the coastal territories chosen as ConsumelessMed locations.

We’ve also enhanced the model through an innovative communication and territory-based marketing campaign. We made both of them possible by involving all interested participants.

The Consume-less tourism model is based on 3 main principles:

  1. An Integrated Approach. It includes multiple types of energy and water saving actions, along with taking waste prevention and management measures
  2. “Consume-less” services. With the active involvement of tourism service providers, we help them reorganize their services. It’s in order to give tourists a choice of services during their stay that include:
    • minimizing water use
    • reducing energy use
    • decreasing waste
    • finding and appreciating local products
  3. Campaigns to raise awareness and to change behaviour. These are based on our combination of methods and solutions for changing unsustainable behaviours.

Our implementation strategy is clearly defined by introducing the concept of the territorial label: “ConsumelessMed”.

Want to understand exactly how the Consume-less Tourist Model works?

  • Consume-less Tourism Model Guide
  • Consume-less: Memorandum of Understanding *
  • Consume-less Tourist Destination Chart *

*this document will be able at the end of the project