Sustainable Tourism in the Coastal Areas of the Mediterranean

"A Good Place To Live is a Good Place to Visit"

Come visit our beautiful coasts, discover our traditions, our local heritage and help us keep it unchanged. Become one of us.


We want to significantly reduce energy and water consumption and create less waste in our territories to maintain them over time, while always offering an authentic and original experience for your journey. You can help us do it.

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Discover our beautiful coastal areas, our traditions and our approach to being "Consumeless."

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"We love our landscapes, beaches, mountains, towns, traditions and local foods ... which is why we look after them carefully. Our real legacy is the Mediterranean cultures. We want you to know exactly what we’re doing to preserve our amazing and unique heritage"

BASILIKO: Because basil gives the real taste

“Basiliko” is a traditional family restaurant run by Anna’s lovely family, who wanted to share their secrets of traditional Naxian cuisine with audience. The restaurant is hidden in the heavenly landscape of green valley Lierado, between Kato and Mesi Potamia, next to the river. “Basiliko” owes its name to the famous aromatic herb, basil, which…


An Aegean dining experience “Scirocco” is a modern Greek restaurant run by 2 brothers, Nikos and Michalis, who convinced their mother Katerina to help them manage their own place since 24th March 1995. The restaurant is placed in the heart of Chora Naxos, in Protodikeiou Square and it was founded in the dreams and enthusiasm…

Are you planning a visit to our territories, or are you going to?

Look for the ConsumelessMed badge. We assign the badge to those hotels, B&Bs, camping sites, hostels, restaurant, cafes, beach resorts, food stores and handicraft shops that make an effort to reduce the product. You can help us preserve our area’s beauty for the future - become a part of our territories, rather than just a visitor.

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    Eco Domus – an eco-friendly accommodation

    Dear friends of green tourism and all of you soon to become! Nature, culture, tradition and people are important aspects of green tourism, and with this programme Region of Istria wanted to certified eco accommodation in Istria. In this way, we can contribute together to the preservation of our natural and cultural resources as well…