Sustainable Tourism in the Coastal Areas of the Mediterranean

"A Good Place To Live is a Good Place to Visit"

Come visit our beautiful coasts, discover our traditions, our local heritage and help us keep it unchanged. Become one of us.


We want to significantly reduce energy and water consumption and create less waste in our territories to maintain them over time, while always offering an authentic and original experience for your journey. You can help us do it.

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Discover our beautiful coastal areas, our traditions and our approach to being "Consumeless."

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"We love our landscapes, beaches, mountains, towns, traditions and local foods ... which is why we look after them carefully. Our real legacy is the Mediterranean cultures. We want you to know exactly what we’re doing to preserve our amazing and unique heritage"

Mulino La Timpa and 
the timeless relationship with Nature

Smiling, decisive and energetic voice: this is how Annalisa welcomes us when we ask her to tell us about her project. Despite her daily commitment as a medical director of the hospital of Ragusa, Annalisa with her husband has managed to turn several dreams into reality. “My husband possessed a scenic countryside with a landscape…

Are you planning a visit to our territories, or are you going to?

Look for the ConsumelessMed badge. We assign the badge to those hotels, B&Bs, camping sites, hostels, restaurant, cafes, beach resorts, food stores and handicraft shops that make an effort to reduce the product. You can help us preserve our area’s beauty for the future - become a part of our territories, rather than just a visitor.

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    Sustainable Tourism on the Mediterranean Coasts: Keeping Beauty

    Sustainable tourism on the Mediterranean coasts isn’t just about preserving the places travelers go on holiday. It’s also about making sure you, as a visitor, have experiences and memories filled with meaning. Close your eyes and visualize the beach where you learnt to build sand castles. Feel the chill of the transparent water on your…

    Responsible Tourism: Get an Edge on the Competition by Going Green

    We all know success comes from finding win-win solutions, and it’s definitely true for responsible tourism. It not only helps the environment and the local communities, it also boosts the economy financially. About 73% of younger generations – Millennials and Generation Z – are more likely to pay more for sustainability, compared to 51% of…