Following its application for the 3rd edition of the labeling scheme “Sustainable Territory – a COP ahead”, the Jury has awarded the level 2 of the label to the municipality of Cagnes-sur-Mer for the period 2021-2023. This level values the past commitment of the municipality in a global strategy of sustainable development (Agenda 21). It also values the actions carried out on the different themes of sustainable development.


The jury underlines that the city has very early on initiated a sustainable development dynamic that has allowed the establishment of a certain integrated culture in the community. Structuring approaches leading to long-term and ambitious actions have been implemented and continue to be deployed on the majority of sustainable development issues. The consultations on the Cagne master plan, the Villette eco-district, the multimodal interchange hub labelled a sustainable Mediterranean district, and the positive energy wastewater treatment plant are among the structuring projects congratulated by the Jury.

The Jury also praised the ambitious travel policy that favors the modal shift to soft mobility and the promotion of low-carbon travel, as well as the creation of a sustainable local economic dynamic.


The consideration given to biodiversity and the water resource strategy were qualified as complete and received the congratulations of the Jury. The community’s commitment to healthy eating, whether in terms of agriculture or education, was also highlighted.


The actions of the municipality distinguished for their exemplary nature at the regional level are:

  • The “Coulée Bleue” project (master plan for the Cagne/trame turquoise) with local consultation
  • La Villette eco-district project, demonstrator of the sustainable development policy
  • Silver level Mediterranean Sustainable Building Label required from developers for all collective housing operations
  • High Environmental Quality approach on the Cité marchande site with a communication and consultation strategy with the stallholders
  • “Aeris” positive energy wastewater treatment plant
  • Plan for renewable energy production on the roofs of municipal buildings
  • Support for the local currency “Le renoir”
  • Signatory of the ” Pelagos Sanctuary ” charter
  • Strategy to reduce the community’s water consumption (-50% of water consumed in 10 years)
  • Sustainable catering program (56% organic in canteens since 2019, Domaine Renoir a communal vegetable garden)
  • Municipal call for applications for the cultivation of 3 lots of communal land dedicated to high value-added agricultural projects
  • Operation “Let’s reduce our waste” in partnership with the V.I.E association with an “Eco-Challenge for packaging” aimed at the population and shopkeepers


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