In the effort for a sustainable development, water is a major world stake, and even if we do not lack it in Cagnes, it is first of all about respect of a vital commodity whose prices do not cease climbing, for the private individuals as for the communities! The solution is a mutualized management of watering which allows to save water, but also working time, while respecting the resources for the future generations.

Thus, many flower beds and gardens are now equipped with a centralized watering management system. No more wasting water and time, since a single computer can control all the watering points that require regular adjustments: adjustments according to the seasons, of course, but also according to atmospheric hazards, since watering during rainfall is useless. 

These new remote control boxes allow immediate and very fast action on an entire area by a single person, instead of physically sending several agents to modify each flow on each site.

By reducing the margin of error and reactivity, this type of installation can save up to 75% of water, not to mention the savings in work time.

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