Who Is the Target Audience of ConsumelessMed?

How many times when traveling were you looking for a more sustainable destination or service, and you couldn’t find it?

If you’ve asked yourself something similar at least once… you are “our kind of traveler!” ConsumelessMed speaks to the traveler who wants to discover the beautiful Mediterranean coasts, while helping the locals keep them intact for the future.

Our Mission

We love our Mediterranean coasts. From our pristine beaches to our rugged mountainsides; from our historical traditions to our tasty local foods. We understand the need to take care of our legacies for years to come.

And with your help, we can.

We’re a sustainable tourism project involving Mediterranean coastal areas. The Mediterranean Sea is a link between our people, culture and heritage – and we’re passionate about keeping it beautiful for visitors and locals.

Specifically, our aim is reduction: of energy, of water use and of waste. We believe in maintaining the integrity of our coasts and always offering you an authentic, unforgettable experience in visiting us.

What We Do

With this project, we can help each other. How can you help? Become one of us.

Ways you can help ConsumelessMed as a traveler:

  • Discover the ConsumelessMed destinations and watch the videos. Meet the real people living here and read their stories.
  • Visit the map and choose the services and facilities of our “ConsumelessMed Companions”. Look for those with the ConsumelessMed badge.
  • Be thoughtful in using less energy, less water and creating less waste during your trip: Become a Consumeless Traveler.
  • Share our mission and encourage others to become #Consumelesstravelers.

We’re also working towards enlarging the ConsumelessMed network, by inviting entrepreneurs and decision makers to replicate our model:

  • Are you a local travel business, entrepreneur or hospitality service in the Mediterranean territories? Would you like to help preserve your local area’s unique legacy – while attracting more customers? Get instructions and ask for a ConsumelessMed Badge today. Become a ConsumelessMed Companion!
  • Are you a local municipality or a public interest group who wants to encourage sustainable tourism in your area? Would you like to know which concrete, actionable steps you can undertake? Get instructions and more detailed information about the Consumeless Model today!

Support sustainable tourism. Support responsible reduction. Support ConsumelessMed, for the preservation of our now and our future.

Who We Are

We are a group of public and private members of 5 countries around the Mediterranean and joined by a common goal. We want to promote a unique and inclusive brand for supporting sustainable tourism in our “ConsumelessMed” destinations.

The final Consumeless model is based on the in-depth use of professional experience, which is combined with the analysis of the existing “eco-label” at a European level.

One of the main objectives is to make this label a territorial brand. It commits the public authorities to make the related tourism public services more sustainable.

It’s also more inclusive and proposes “light” criteria for different tourism business categories for those who want to adopt the ConsumelessMed Label.

The countries where the Consumeless model have been implemented during the project development are: Malta, Italy, Greece, Albania and Spain, thanks to the work of the following project partners:

Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit Malta
Malaga County Council Urban Waste Consortium Spain
EGTC Efxini Poli – SolidarCity NETWORK Greece
SVI.MED Euro Mediterranean Center for the sustainable development Italy
Ambiente Italia srl Italy
Saranda Municipality Albania
Sicilian Region – Department of Tourism, Sport and Leisure Italy

And Associated Partners:

Municipality of Ragusa Italy
Municipality of Realmonte Italy
Gozo Tourism Association Malta
Municipality of Nea Propontida Greece
Velez-Malaga City Council Spain

The Consume-Less Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the Interreg Med programme.

Our Supporters

The Consume-Less model can easily be replicated in other regions that want to make their territories more sustainable. They first need to set up a managing board for their label at a local level. They will then be enacting the application of the label in synergy with the economic operators of the tourism sector.

Each country that becomes involved as a partner in the project has to organise a local managing committee. It’s important in order to better manage the adherence; to monitor the “ConsumelessMed” brand; and as a way of life.

The first group of consume-less destinations involve 6 locations. There are already local managing boards in place: Gozo (Malta), the Municipality of Ragusa and Realmonte (Sicily), the Municipality of Naxos (Greece), the Municipality of Saranda (Albania) and the Municipality of Velez-Malaga (Spain).

If you are a decision maker or a businessman in the tourism industry, you can support the Consumeless model by setting up a local managing board. If one already exists, read the guidelines and check out the criteria to follow (in terms of saving energy and water, and reducing waste). You can then ask to use the official label.

For further information, write to us here.