A remarkable site enhanced by its agricultural exploitation!

The Renoir Museum, known as the “Domaine des Collettes”, the artist’s last home, is built in the heart of a park planted with century-old olive trees, orange trees, umbrella pines and a rose garden. In order to enhance this remarkable site, the city of Cagnes-sur-Mer, owner of the olive grove, has decided to authorize the use of the park for the development of the site’s agricultural production by means of an agreement.

Mrs. Milène SERVELLE, farmer, proceeded to the gathering of the olives of this communal right-of-way for the confection of olive paste but also of the culture of the bitter orange tree (called bigaradier) for the production of jams of bitter oranges, bottles of water of orange blossom and water of mandarin and bigaradiers. 

The techniques used avoid any risk of injury to the trees. As well as the collection of the olives on the ground and the use of the telescopic comb to reach the highest branches

The municipal objective of this first event is to promote more widely the agricultural activity of excellence and the products thus harvested will participate in the influence of the Cagnois soil.

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