“Naxion” is a food and handicraft shop run by Marietta’s lovely family, who organized their first workshop in the central of Naxos’ Town in the spring of 2013. Marietta’s dream was to travel her clients to the tastes and smells of Naxos’ tradition, that’ s why she chooses fresh seasonal ingredients and creates all her products in the traditional way without a trace of chemical preservative.

In “Naxion” you can find a variety of high quality local products that are characterized by home-made cooking and taste:

  • Famous Naxian sweets: Citrus, Sour-cheery, Papilona, Fig, Quince, Orange etc.
  • Jams with real fruit flavor: Fig, Tangerine, Orange, Tomato, Pumpkin, Plum, Apricot etc.
  • Traditional Drinks and fruit juices like sour-cheery and pomegranate
  • Salty Pies like the famous “sefoukloti”(similar to a spinach pie), chicken, cheese and potato pies
  • Breadsticks, Biscuits and Cookies with Naxian oil or butter
  • Sweet dishes like Galaktompoureko, Baklava, Orange pie, Chocolate pie, Melahrino, Pasta Flora, Tsoureki etc.


A significant fact to assure the freshness and quality of all products is that the intensity of production depends on seasonality. This means that in spring and summer, they have greater productivity in jams, pies and sweet or salty dishes as the fruit and vegetable are in their growth, whereas in autumn and winter they focus on sweets and jams whose primary products are available like oranges, walnuts and figs. However, independently the season all products are pure, exquisite and all presented in modern packaging and that is the reason that nowadays they are basic elements of local hotels’ breakfast or they travel as gifts all over the world.

“Naxion” today consists of a modern workshop that gives the sense of a homemade cuisine with cupboards and marble benches where the production process and packaging are undisturbed and a more accessible retail store on Naxos’ Town famous port where clients can find their “gems” and buy some other famous Naxian products like graviera cheese and citrus liqueurs.

Loyal to her cheerful spirit and her family’s traditional values both in cooking and hospitality, Marietta likes to open her workshop’s doors to her customers twice a year through a fixed guided tour, when they can watch the production process and get a free sample of sweets or jams. As part of this offer, various schools and tourist groups from all over the world have already visited the workshop.

Finally yet importantly, from spring 2018, “Naxion” is a member of Consume-Less group, as they strongly believe that  Naxos’ rich tradition should be preserved and travel to every inch of this world.

Find more info on “Naxion” at their official facebook page https://www.facebook.com/naxion.geuseis/ or contact them through email at mmargaritou@gmail.com .

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