Smiling, decisive and energetic voice: this is how Annalisa welcomes us when we ask her to tell us about her project.
Despite her daily commitment as a medical director of the hospital of Ragusa, Annalisa with her husband has managed to turn several dreams into reality.

“My husband possessed a scenic countryside with a landscape constraint, breathtakingly beautiful, where we used to go on Sundays with the family, to walk in Nature, and we realized, almost by chance, that one of the land was full of flowers spontaneous saffron. ” – Annalisa tells us – “It was then that we thought of the implementation of a biological cultivation of saffron, perhaps with the flanking of a receptive structure, hoping to be able to give new life to that territory.”

Thus, Annalisa dedicated, with many sacrifices, her free time to the creation of a farm for organic saffron. But after a little over a year, a new lightning: to associate the production of saffron also with wheat.

“My father owned a water mill, with an adjoining restaurant and a grotto, a location used for cultural activities.The ancient mill – the only survivor in the area after the 1950s – was renovated and put into operation, but was used only with friends or for school visits. “It was really a pity.”

So Annalisa decides to expand the business of the farm: the use of water mill and the cultivation of ancient grains.

And it’s not over. Annalisa and Salvatore decided to go further, creating an olive grove for the production of Olio degli Iblei DOP.

“Everything we have done, we have achieved at our expenses” – Annalisa tells us – “thanks to the economic possibilities guaranteed by a safe job, but it was the ability to network to give us the strength to move forward: contact with producers, the collaboration with the Chefs, the millers, the guide that takes care of the guided tours and even the cooking classes and tastings for the tourist groups, more and more curious to listen to the stories of our activity “.

“I am happy and proud to have accomplished this little Sicilian miracle in the family.” Because of a true miracle it is about: being able to stay in our land, returning Nature to its spaces and enjoying the precious fruits born of this relationship of timeless trust that binds men to the earth.


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