At the Veruda marina, environmental protection is of great importance to us, especially given that we have been holders of the Blue Flag for many years, more precisely from 1999 until today.

In every area of our business, we strive to introduce technologies and products that contribute to more rational use of energy and natural resources.

For years we have been collecting and recycling municipal waste separately, and also our marina has 6 Eco Islands for the disposal of hazardous waste, oil, oily rags and other waste. In our business, our services use environmentally friendly means that are not harmful to the environment, so our naval transport service uses electric bicycles and mopeds, while other services use electric means to transport cargo and passengers.

Aware that guests are increasingly oriented towards environmentally-friendly vehicles, we have made available to our guests in front of the reception a charging station for electric vehicles so they can safely “recharge” their vehicles without damaging the environment.

We have installed energy-efficient lighting throughout the marina, while regular inspections and correct and timely cleaning procedures in the pool area are in force during the summer months.

In order to conscientiously manage the water and energy system, we use a special application solution as well as smart monitoring of water and energy consumption to identify the possibility of reducing costs. Also, we have detailed analysis and reporting if an irregularity is found in the system’s operation,  and therefore we can promptly respond to eliminate it. This complete solution for saving energy and water gives us data on the current situation, detailed consumption analysis, and monitoring the data obtained.

We can boast that the marina Veruda also has its yellow “gold”. Namely, according to the rules of the profession, our employees take care of the olive grove and the olives located along the marina, take care of pruning and picking fruits, then bring them to the oil mill and give the oil to our loyal guests and partners who are delighted when we show them the olive grove and explain that marine oil originated precisely from these trees.



For us, ecological principles and everything that nature provides us are precious, which is why we make great efforts in the cleanliness of the seabed and the rational use of natural resources. 

Supporting sustainable tourism and making a constant effort in order to live in a more sustainable way is in line with the ConsumeLess model and therefore a great opportunity for enlarging the ConsumelessMed network and implement the ConsumelessMed label in our marina. We believe that this is a great opportunity to show our guests and tourists that we care about ecosystem services and we want in the future to spread awareness about the importance of environmental protection and rational use of resources.

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