“Basiliko” is a traditional family restaurant run by Anna’s lovely family, who wanted to share their secrets of traditional Naxian cuisine with audience. The restaurant is hidden in the heavenly landscape of green valley Lierado, between Kato and Mesi Potamia, next to the river. “Basiliko” owes its name to the famous aromatic herb, basil, which is a special ingredient for a lot of local recipes, especially dressing and sauces.

The incomparable beauty of the natural environment of the restaurant is one of the main features that visitors from all over the world choose “Basiliko” to enjoy their meal. The perennial plane, almond and orange trees, the colorful flowers and the running waters from the nearby river, which has been living for centuries in the settlements of Potamia invite guests to walk in nature and run far from problems of everyday life. Also the fact that the restaurant is halfway from one of the most famous hiking trails of the island, made it a common meeting point for those who love hiking.

Basiliko’s loves are the customs, local products and traditional cooking. The owners grow a variety of vegetables on their own farm like eggplants, tomatoes, pepper and zucchinis and complete their dishes with pure Naxian potatoes, local cheese, meats and poultry. The wine, which they make in the old traditional way, with grapes from their vineyard, is a treat you will definitely remember as something special and nobody can resist to their delicious traditional dishes, such as wine rooster, stuffed zucchini and rabbit stew.

If you have a passion for cooking that offers joy, creativity and wellness, Basiliko also invites you to participate in its traditional cooking courses that transfer all the secrets of the cuisine that Anna’s parents and grandparents followed. The lessons will take place in small or larger groups, in couples or families, upon agreement, at the hours and days of your preference. The guests learn, cook and taste delicious local appetizers and famous Naxian recipes, being a part of a thrilling dining experience as in the end, the cooking lesson turns into a feast by enjoying the dishes prepared along with local wine and music.

Finally, “Basiliko” is a member of Consume-Less group from spring 2018, as it prefers energy efficient appliances, recycling and focuses on teaching guests to value and respect local products and dishes.

Find more info on “Basiliko” at their official webpage www.basiliko.gr, their official facebook page www.facebook.com/naxoscookinglessons or contact them through email at basilikopotamia@gmail.com. 

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