Hotel Nautica in Novigrad just got the ConsumelessMed award for sustainable Tourism in the Coastal Areas of the Mediterranean. We are more than happy to inform you that we have significantly reduced energy and water consumption, while always offering an unique and authentic experience for our guests. Our guests are now able to minimize water and energy consumption and to decrease waste production during their stay. 

Hotel Nautica Novigrad is focused on the conservation environment and nature. It is not only about creating a nice atmosphere for guests, but also about having environmentally friendly operations which preserve the long-term beauty and viability of the places. We are convinced that the basis for a successful venture in this field is above all love and respect for the entire irreplaceable ecosystem that the Adriatic Sea world represents. Having in mind green ecotourism and nature protection in our hotel we implemented:

  • Installing more than 80% led lights in public areas and guest rooms
  • Eco products to reduce wastewater pollution
  • Plastic packaging replaced by biodegradable materials
  • Replaced plastic straws with cardboard straws
  • We use and encourage local producers and products in our kitchen (OPG, farms)
  • Smart hotel rooms
  • Standard cooling and heating temperature
  • Equipped guest room with water taps
  • Complete waste separation
  • Informing our guests about local environmental initiatives
  • Purchasing new electric devices with best Energy Label class
  • Installing motion detectors
  • Decreased the use of paper

We are glad to be one of the first hotels in Istria and Croatia to become part of the ConsumelessMed facilities. We hope that others will also follow our example and that we will raise awareness and fight together against harmful and bad influences on our environment and nature and our planet Earth.

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