Central Istria is rich in natural beauty and many tourists decide to spend more time in nature, in the fresh air. Therefore, during May and June, the Tourist Board of Central Istria organizes free half-day bike tours accompanied by a guide called “Central Istria free e-mtb tour “. The free half-day bike tours started last year and are scheduled to take place every year several times during May and June.


The goal of these organized bicycle tours is to further promote bicycle paths in  ​​Central Istria and the popularization of cycling, i.e. cycling (electric) bicycles through the beautiful hilly landscape of Central Istria. The Tourist Board of Central Istria started several years ago with the intensive promotion of alternative forms of tourism and sought to offer its guests an alternative form of transport to prevent pollution caused by carbon dioxide emissions. Involvement in the Consumeless Plus project further improves the sustainability of tourism in the area and the valorization of natural resources and cultural heritage, which is also the project’s main objective.


Namely an e-bike share system has been developed in this area in Pazin, which includes an energy-independent system of public rental of electric bicycles. Furthermore, for tourists who rent bikes to be able to explore Central Istria without hindrance, we made sure that they can charge their electric bikes, so e-bike charging stations have been set up in the area of ​​Pazin, Cerovlje, Gračišće, Tinjan, Sveti Lovreč, and Lupoglav.


All this agrees with the basic principles advocated by the Tourist Board of Central Istria, namely slow, healthy and green tourism, and to continue to use these principles in the management of tourism development. Also, in Central Istria, diligent work is being done to mark additional hiking and biking trails because the demand of guests for active tourism is more and more pronounced from year to year.

In conclusion, we need to make tourists more aware of preserving natural heritage and beauty in our destination, which we have partially achieved by applying the Consumeless model.


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