In the year 2016, in Rovinj-Rovigno, to enhance sustainable development and reduce the amount of municipal waste using circular waste management, the Recycling yard “Gripoli “was established. This recycling yard allows separate waste collection by proper disposal according to its type, properties and purpose. The use of a recycling yard is completely free for all users. It is a fenced and controlled area intended for separate collection, sorting and temporary storage of small amounts of waste until authorized companies take them over for further processing and recycling to be used repeatedly as valuable raw materials in industry and economy. Citizens can deliver to the recycling yard around 40 different types of waste free of charge (for instance, glass, paper, cardboard, pet plastic, metal, plastic, iron, batteries, edible and motor oil, fluorescent tubes, electronic equipment, etc.), including bulky waste and construction waste generated in the household, up to 200 kg, every six months.

An effective separate waste collection service follows the Consumeless model and covers mandatory criteria for waste which are: waste separation, minimizing consumable and disposable goods as well as storing safely hazardous waste. This is of great importance for local citizens and all the Consumeless Travelers visiting the city.

As part of the Gripoli recycling yard in Rovinj, the “Center for the Reuse of Discarded Items” is available to all users of the public service in the area of the city of Rovinj-Rovigno and the municipalities of Bale, Kanfanar and Žminj. The center is designed on the principle of “bring if you don’t need it, take it if it will be useful for you”, which aims to solve the “surplus” of left items on the streets, and on the other hand, help someone get to the desired thing. We’re living in times when the phenomenon of consumerism is more and more present, citizens easily renounce items that can be reused, and these items (too) often end up in the trash instead of the person who might need such an item. We found the solution to establishing this center! It is enough for citizens to bring the items to the Gripoli recycling yard and its Center for the Reuse of Discarded Items, while people looking for a particular item can come and pick up the desired item. Everyone who uses this Center contributes to the development of a circular economy, where usable resources remain in the economy in order to be used repeatedly and productively, thus creating new value. The handover of items to the Center and their collection takes place without any fees, so it is completely free. Some of the items that can be brought to the Center and have to be in a usable condition are as follows: household appliances, dishes, bicycles, deckchairs, hand tools, lamps, pieces of furniture, prams, pushchairs, etc., paintings, mirrors…

 “In order to truly adopt the habit of separating waste already on the doorstep, and using the Recycling Yard and the Center for Reuse of Discarded Items, to see the personal and collective benefits behind it and simply realize our role in waste management, we take this opportunity to thank all our users who, through their responsible treatment of waste so far, contribute to the protection of the environment of the city of Rovinj-Rovigno”.

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