Dear friends of green tourism and all of you soon to become! Nature, culture, tradition and people are important aspects of green tourism, and with this programme Region of Istria wanted to certified eco accommodation in Istria. In this way, we can contribute together to the preservation of our natural and cultural resources as well as raise awareness of the need to protect nature, improve the lives of local communities and encourage new business opportunities in our region, while complying with the principles of sustainable development.

What is Eco Domus? Eco Domus is a labelling programme implemented by the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Region of Istria aiming at increasing social and environmental responsibility in tourism. The programme is aligned with the global guidelines of sustainable development and ensures overall protection of health and the environment. The facilities bearing the Eco Domus sign have met at least 50 basic criteria in 12 categories such as: social and environmental responsibility, integrated environmental and health protection, use of eco certified washing and cleaning agents, use of eco certified toiletries, use of natural materials, water saving technology, energy saving technology, and waste sorting and recycling.

Eco Domus is ecologically oriented private accommodation with max. 30 beds and is raising the quality of an existing private accommodation offer. The programme started in year 2017. An application for new facilities for Eco Domus is open on the official website of the Istrian Region and is completely free for facilities that join the program.

All owners of the Eco Domus facilities must always provide clear and concise information on the most important aspects of eco-friendly certification:

  • water and energy saving
  • the use of eco-certified washing and cleaning agents
  • the use of eco-certified products
  • use of natural materials
  • sorting and recycling the waste
  • social and ecological responsibility
  • highlight the Eco Domus logo and link at

The programme is complimentary with Consumeless model and the label ConsumelessMed too which goal is to significantly reduce energy and water consumption and create less waste in our territories to maintain them over time, while always offering an authentic and original experience for your journey.

Specifically, within Eco Domus water usage is monitored with the aim of decreasing waste. Water redactor valves are used on pipes and showers, which reduces the usage by 70 %. We ask guests to help us save water.

We do not only save water, we wish to save energy, too. Therefore, energy efficient lightbulbs are in place over 80% of the fixtures and you will find at least one A listed appliance. We ask you to close all windows whilst using the air-conditioning and regulate the temperature at 22 °C during winter and 26 °C during summer months.

Waste production is avoided as natural materials and fibres are in use and various containers are separated and recycled. We ask you to help us reduce surplus packaging waste by drinking potable pipe water instead of purchasing bottled water in supermarkets.

One of the key elements in the development of sustainable tourism is the social commitment. Eco Domus facilities create examples of good practices and their owners are often engaged in extracurricular activities important for the local community and sustainability.



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