Christabelle Azzopardi started working at her family-owned restaurant since she was 15 years, now managing it completely. Situated right in the heart of the popular resort of Marsalforn, Pebbles Restaurant offers a truly authentic experience in dining al fresco right on the water’s edge. “Our sensitive appreciation for the environment and local products makes our restaurant very sustainable”



Christabelle said, explaining further their investments in lighting and equipment which consumes less energy, water taps and toilet flushing systems which reduces the pressure thus consuming less water and their waste recycling procedures.



They also support local farmers and fishermen. “In a world that has become globally linked, a search for a regional and local identity is emerging. The desire for traceable products is important both for us, for our chefs and for our clients. It comes alongside a growing ethical outlook that embraces organic food production, ethical consumption and a concern for animal welfare, which we know is present and practiced by our farmers and fishermen.



Moreover, the benefits of local, fresh, organic and good quality food needs promotion and support from our end. We also take sustainability seriously and make sure that we keep on decreasing our carbon footprint and consume-less in terms of waste, water and energy” Christabelle concluded.