When Kenneth Cutajar was 22 years of age he started working in the catering industry and currently he owns L’Aragosta; a restaurant by the sea in Marsalforn which specialises in local fish, which he buys directly from fishermen.



“Purchasing locally caught fish ensures that the product we are buying is sustainably harvested and in compliance with our local fishing and food regulations. Choosing local fish benefits local economies by creating and maintaining jobs for fishermen. Not only, locally caught fish has a low carbon footprint when compared to imported fish which also results in a fresher and better tasting product. Buying locally also promotes catch variety which benefits ecosystems and fishermen, and with increased catch variety fishermen make money from catches that may have otherwise gone to waste. They can fish (and make money) during more of the year if the market allows them to vary their target species by season.”



Kenneth always strived to have an energy efficient establishment which reduces the overall energy consumption aiming not only to lower the utility costs but also being beneficial to the environment. In fact, L’Aragosta is equipped with energy efficient lighting, follows waste separation procedures and has water taps which reduce the overall consumption.



Kenneth explained “Our equipment and machines are all tested regularly in order to keep the energy performance and their sustainability to help protect the environment. We take consumption and sustainable resource management seriously.”