Joseph Spiteri, the owner and chef of Beppe’s Restaurant in Sannat is 39 years old. He has been in the sector for the past 25 years during which he worked in London as well.


Humble but proud, Joseph told us “Now I am here in my own restaurant, doing the chef and director. My restaurant started 10 years ago, in a Marsalforn Bay, but I always wanted to create a restaurant in my own village, in Sannat.”


Sustainability was of utmost importance when he was planning the restaurant. Apart from the usual measures he came up with a concept which uses the heat of the fridges to boil water for cooking purposes. “By operating energy-efficient machines, we consume less electricity and a heat recovery system assures that we need almost no additional heating for cooking purposes.”


Beppe’s Restaurant features an open kitchen with a wood burning grill, aged meat on display, and a chef’s table. While still maintaining the informal atmosphere created and overseen by Joseph and his professional team, their priority remains quality, flavour and presentation accompanied by a warm welcome.


“We have a very good reputation. We are a very good steakhouse with a butcher concept where we cook in an open-kitchen in front of our customers” Joseph Spiteri told us. Also, this steakhouse uses a wood burning oven to minimise further the electricity and gas consumption.