Santa Croce Camerina is a town in south-eastern Sicily where the sun reigns sovereign over an extraordinary variety of landscapes offered by the verdant expanses of the fields, the beaches full of sand and bathed by clear waters and a sea always blue.

Numerous and all of considerable interest are the historical, archaeological and architectural remains scattered throughout the territory.

At the center of Santa Croce we find the Palazzo di Città, flanked by the Carmelo church, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and the Chiesa Madre, and all around elegant palaces.

Outside the town are the necropolis of Mirio and the ancient building of Mezzagnone. Along the coast stands the Kaukana park. Further west, in the hamlet of Punta Secca, you can admire the lighthouse, the ancient church, the Scalambri Tower and the so-called “Casa di Montalbano”, made famous by TV.

Santa Croce enjoys a favorable position within the province, a few kilometers from the capital and the airport of Comiso, as well as from the Ports of Pozzallo, Marina di Ragusa and Scoglitti.

Always kind and hospitable, it is open to those who want to discover religious and folk traditions, flavors and smells, but also atmospheres if not unique certainly rare.