It’s time for fun, recharging batteries, having a great time in good company and plenty of positive vibes. Memories of a summer spent in Pula will last forever. Open air terraces with great music, delicious food accompanied with a glass of fine Istrian wine, night walk through the lively city streets, charming narrow climbs in the historic center and different types of music heard everywhere – experience all this and much more in Pula. Enjoy a surprise concert in the magnificent Pula Arena, also the perfect venue for gladiator fights offering a real thrilling experience. Every year in July you can enjoy watching movies on the world’s most beautiful stage under the stars, with the spectacular fireworks marking the opening of the traditional Pula Film Festival. Relax with the soothing rhythms of street musicians in one the many city squares, enjoy the twirling performance of majorettes, numerous musicians and performers, visit interesting exhibitions in city galleries, taste olive oil in the House of Istrian Olive Oil, get a glimpse of the everyday life of Pula’s citizens several decades ago at the Memo Museum, enter the underground world of Pula and explore the amazing ZeroStrasse tunnel system, visit the magnificent Aquarium Pula at Verudela, relax and enjoy the beauty of art installations of Verudela Art Park, a memorable experience indeed!

If you prefer nature and outdoor activities, Pula is the perfect place. Numerous running and cycling trails along the sea or through the woods will satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Pula boasts 30 kilometers of coastline, crystal-clear sea, beautifully maintained city beaches with a variety of sports facilities especially water sports such as kayaking, diving, surfing, sailing, swimming and many other sports challenges. It’s up to you to discover them. And if you don’t “catch” the warmest months of the year, Pula has plenty to offer all year round. So, come to Pula, have a great time, feel those positive vibes of the three-thousand-year-old city, and you will surely wish to stay here forever!