… by boat,  the historical clock prevails on the hill’s highest peak smothered by prickly pear and pine trees. From here, the view of the port and the coastal areas across is magnificent. Constructed in 1927, it was clearly visible from all angles and is characterized as the main attraction of the city.
Poros is the isle of serenity and relaxation, where one can enjoy taking romantic strolls.
It’s full of pine trees which reach the shores and the sandy beaches. The residents of Poros are no different from other Greek islanders in spontaneity, dignity and hospitality. The large homes on the beach have a neoclassical style in contrast to the common duplex houses in Brinia, Milo, Pounta and Kasteli. The first dwellings were built in 1463 and located around the famous Clock.
In the center of the city you can find the Town Hall, the archaeological museum, a public library along with a reception hall for exhibitions and other cultural events.
Many taverns are sparcely located among the picturesque alleyways and the whitewashed houses of Poros which are surrounded by bougainvillea. Visitors can enjoy souvenir shops, cafeterias, taverns and clubs playing Greek and English music all along the pier.
Today, Poros is justified as the ideal vacation spot due to its traditional shades,
picturesqueness, cosmopolitan lifestyle and its contemporary facilities.