Monterosso Almo is an interesting surprise for the visitor for the quality of the climate, the geographical position, the richness of its landscapes, the artistic heritage and natural beauty. The scenography of dry stone walls and medieval alleyways trace the outline of a harmonious mosaic made of nature, history and civilization; This atmosphere fascinates because it brings to the surface the smells and tastes of a land as beautiful as the Hyblean countryside.

Set on the top of a hill, the small village offers glimpses of unpredictable charm characterized by ups and downs, steps, low houses and irregular roofs. When evening falls, the village closes in the Iblei Mountains like a snail in its shell and from afar, in the dim lights it gives the idea of a crib.

For the beauty of its places and squares it was a film set for numerous films such as L’UOMO DELLE STELLE by Giuseppe Tornatore and music by Ennio Morricone, LA STANZA DELLO SCIROCCO, by Maurizio Sciarra, PETALI DI ROSA by Maximo De Marco, REDPTION FOR A LOST SOUL by Roberto Valdes and also for some television series such as L ‘ULTIMO DEI CORLEONESI, IL CAPO DEI CAPI, I FANTASMI DI PORTOPALO.

The historic center develops around the three main squares: piazza San Giovanni, piazza Sant’Antonio, piazza Rimembranza.

The Monterosso kitchen deserves a great tribute; it is simple and tasty, but above all genuine because it uses local products depending on the season. Typical are the delicious almond desserts, “i marmarati”, “i maretti” and “i totò”. Typical is “u scacciuni” which is still hot, it is seasoned with oil, oregano and with the “cappuliatu”, sun-dried tomato. Not to be forgotten is the excellent orange blossom honey, satra (wild thyme), millefiori and the excellent jam jams, quince species and mustard prepared with wine must. Other typical local products are almonds (autochthonous variety), cherries (“raffiuni”) large and red, olives, oregano, ancient grains (Timilia, Russello, Margherito and Senatore Cappelli), figs and prickly pears, ice cream crafts.

In the territory of Monterosso there are extensive wooded areas that are well suited to walks and excursions. The forest of Calaforno, the Canalazzi park, with a suggestive fortified masseria, with loopholes and high walls, is equipped to spend entire days outdoors. Along the forest path water mills for milling wheat operated in the valley of the Amerillo river, called for this reason Valle dei Mulini.

A rustic atmosphere of other times you can breathe following the old royal path paved with large limestone basole, near the river that flows between poplars and plane trees and among the scents of wild thyme, from whose flowers you get an exquisite honey.