Rabac and Labin are  situated on the eastern part of the peninsula where the green of the pines and the Mediterranean vegetation flow into the whiteness’ of the sea. Rabac is one of the most frequented summer resorts of Istra and Croatia.
Just above Rabac, nestling on the top of the hill, there is the old town of Labin – a stage to thousand years long history. The rich cultural and architectural heritage of Labin is enlivened by a number of art ateliers which you can find alla round the small streets in the old town Labin. The Sculpture Park Dubrova which is located on the entrance in the city of Labin you can find over 70 stone sculptures of the most famous local and international artists.

Labin is around a 5km drive from the coastline, whereas Rabac is on the coast, making it a popular tourist resort for those who enjoy summertime beach fun.Aside from the fun and holiday vibe of these two towns, Labin is steeped in history, including an interesting coal mining story, and of course, the medieval history all these Istrian Hilltop towns share.Where as Rabac found its roots in fishing and the booming tourism industry, more recently, which led to the construction of various beachside Hotels, Resorts, and Camping grounds. Rabac is known as The Pearl of the Kvarner Bay, and as soon you arrive in Rabac, you’ll understand why.

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