Istria is situated in the most western region of Croatia in a very attractive location in the Adriatic Sea below the Alps, central Europe’s closest Mediterranean. This miniature heart-shaped world and the largest peninsula of the Adriatic Sea lies on the 45th parallel emphasizing its idyllic geographical position with perfectly arranged seasons – lush greenery springs, colourful autumns, pleasant summers and mild winters.

Istria offers something for everyone and it doesn’t matter if you prefer exquisite gourmet offerings, exciting outdoor activities or culture, everyone will find something for themselves. The beautiful coastal part of Istria with numerous beaches and untouched inland with rich history are one of the reasons why Istria is your ideal destination to escape from everyday life with many possibilities for a relaxing vacation.

In Istria there are 181 protected historical buildings/monuments, 47 areas of protected urban scenic beauty, 2 areas of protected cultural landscape and 57 protected archaeological spots.

We can contribute together to the preservation of our natural and cultural resources as well as raise awareness of the need to protect nature, improve the lives of local communities and encourage new business opportunities in our region, while complying with the principles of sustainable development. 

Let’s protect and preserve our natural resources and cultural heritage, learn about and cherish the customs and traditions of the local population.


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