The Tourist Board of Central Istria is the first tourist board in Croatia established in the area of ​​nine self-government units. Key elements of this tourist board are the beauty of the natural landscape and the richness of cultural heritage, along with a rich outdoor and enogastronomic and also the principles of slow, green and healthy tourism are the basic principles of interaction with resource base and tourism development management.

The slow tourism movement is based on the idea of ​​slow experiencing and reliving experiences, devoid of haste and imposed pace. This type of tourist experience means spending more time in a smaller number of places, which creates a more intense and impressive travel experience. In addition, in the context of the journey itself, a certain area promotes the use of corridors of greenways that follow old or unused roads used for so-called silent traffic or travel by non-motorized slow vehicles.

Green tourism has developed in response to environmental degradation caused by the popularization of tourism. Aware green tourists are thus looking for a tourist offer that does not neglect the protection of the natural and cultural heritage of the selected location, and has a positive effect on the local community.

In recent years, healthy tourism has attracted an increasing number of guests and shows the potential for continuous growth. Individuals are increasingly choosing destinations that allow them, in addition to enjoying the natural and cultural beauties, to engage in activities that have a beneficial effect on their physical and mental health. Increasingly pronounced criticism of mass tourism, coupled with the new demands of environmentally conscious consumers, has resulted in the expansion of the use of the term sustainable tourism in tourism discourse. What we strive for is the development of tourism in the spirit of long-term responsible and sustainable development – based on the valorization of existing resources and traditions.

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