Ideal place for you who want to disconnect from routine and stress and connect with your most genuine side, the one that only wakes up when we come in direct contact with nature, traditions and the good attitude of people.

Why Alhaurin el Grande?

Information to take into consideration

Privileged geographical location, in the south of the Guadalhorce Valley (Málaga, Andalusia, Spain); 20 minutes from Malaga city, 25 minutes from the airport, 20 of the beaches of the Costa del Sol and between 40 and 60 of the rest of the main attractions offered by the province, such as the Caminito del Rey, Frigiliana, Ronda… And around 2 hours to Sevilla, Granada, Córdoba o Gibraltar.

-As a result of the terrain, the orientation and the altitude above the sea, it is a perfect place to enjoy any outdoor activity throughout the year, for the absence of extreme temperatures.

The Guadalhorce Valley is known as the orchard of Málaga due to the fertility of its land. The beauty of this valley, plus the mountain (Sierra de Mijas) protecting the town, makes Alhaurin el Grande a treasury in terms of landscape and natural environment.

Reasons and activities to choose Alhaurin el Grande

Alhaurin el Grande shares all its wealth with the visitors. You can enjoy the historical and cultural legacy of the town, get immerse in the customs, natural environment, gastronomy and craft tradition of the area.

1- Cultural legacy of the village.

Alhaurin monumental. A walking through the down town will bring to the visitors closer to the origins of the town, with samples as Moorish Archway (mid-19th century), Ntra. Sra. de la Encarnacion church, Santa Vera-Cruz and San Sebastián chapels, Convent square… as well as discover and appreciate the beauty of the traditional architecture of the Guadalhorce Valley in streets of historical centre, as Real, Cantarranas, Piedras or Cruz (among others). Holy Week of Alhaurin. “When the silence comes alive”. The Holy Week from inward! Holy week is special around Spanish, but if you want to experience it from the bowels of the celebration, our Brotherhoods open their doors to you and we invite you to go deep in the celebrations with us. A picture is worth a thousand words. (Video). Alhaurin has been chosen by writers and artists as Antonio Gala, Gerald Brenan o Gustavo Thörlichen to live, be inspired and create here much of his work. All of them have endowed the town with an important cultural richness that you can enjoy visiting their permanent exhibitions, participating in the Gerald Brenan Short Story Contest or the Antonio Gala Poetry Prize. All events, organized and taking place annually in our town.

2- Alhaurin Natural (Northern Mijas Mountain)

Alhaurin el Grande is a privileged place for lovers of trekking and cycling tourism.

The Sierra of Mijas on its north face, with its spectacular views, as well as a wonderful biodiversity, make this environment a unique natural treasure.

3- Agricultural and craft tradition. Learn how to make bread, oil, cheese and local crafts.

3.1- Family Immersion, one by one or in groups in the ancestral olive oil tradition.

It is an ideal place to get into the olive oil world: guided tours through the old mill, tasting olive oil, planting an olive tree… everything is possible.

*Oil Museum (Molisur).

* Museum of La Paca.

3.2- How to make the traditional bread. Bread museum.

* Guided tours, breakfasts and workshop to put the lessons learned into practice.

3.3- Making cheese and yogurt with the milk of our own flock. “Malagueña goat” that freely grazes in our mountain range and feeds only on natural products.

3.4- Crafts workshop: a species in extinction that Alhaurin preserves.

Craft products means that it must be worked by hand and the less industrial process it has, the more handcrafted it will be.

It is a middle term between design and art, where aesthetics plays a prominent role but the practical sense of the crafted object is important.

In Alhaurin el Grande there are still authentic artisans and you can access to this art with:

* The saddler. 36 years hand-crafting anea chairs (unique and unrepeatable pieces).

* The embroiderer. Cloth Books. She has created the first copy of “El Quixote” embroidery, something unique in the world, as well as the rest of pieces she makes. * The Kakers. Traditional sweets from the 12th century with the most common products of the area: extra virgin olive oil, flour, egg, almond, cinnamon…

*Craft brewery Trinidad. Made only with natural products, visit and tasting.

4- Local Accommodation and gastronomy.

More than 90 restaurants, tapas bars, “ventas”, with a common point: dishes elaborated with products from the area, (Km 0) with expertness at a very affordable price.

More than 100 accommodation options; in a small charming hotel, a typical house in down town or a villa, (“cortijo”, dreamy traditional country house).